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Fungimol is an extensible system for designing atomic-scale objects. The intent is to eventually extend it to be a useful system for doing molecular nanotechnology design work. At the moment it's a PDB file viewer and Buckminsterfullerine editor.

This is release 0.5.1 of Fungimol. The low release number means that is has obvious known bugs, the API for plugins is likely to change, and even the URL for this document is likely to change. However, when it is used it seems fairly stable; I don't know any way to crash it right now, and there were no crashes in the recent past that were not firmly connected in my mind to subsequent bug fixes.

Sourceforge provides project resources for Fungimol, specifically a CVS server, a bug tracker, and a mailing list. SourceForge Logo

Copyright and License

Fungimol (including this document) is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License. This license is flexible enough to permit creating proprietary plugins under certain circumstances. Binary versions of Fungimol link with other software that has other licenses. See the NOTICES.txt file for details about the other software, or see COPYING.txt for the GNU Library General Public License.
Copyright 2003 Tim Freeman <>