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Fungible Storage Cluster is Now Certified for VMware vSphere

For demanding workloads, Fungible’s high-performance all-flash array based on NVMe/TCP is now certified for vSphere and available for VMware virtualized environments.

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Fungible Storage Cluster

Built for the Modern Data Center: High-Performance NVMe/TCP Scale-out Block Storage, Delivering Unrivalled Economics

Experience the world’s fastest in-class all-flash NVMe over TCP disaggregated storage cluster.
Designed to overcome every legacy limitation and address the most demanding applications, FSC delivers best-in-class performance at scale & class-beating power utilization.

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Introducing The Fungible DPU

The Fungible DPU unlocks game changing performance that translates to infrastructure that is highly reliable, secure, agile, scalable and cost-optimized.

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The Case for Disaggregated Storage

NVMe/TCP has enabled a new thinking around high-performance and large scale disaggregation. The Fungible DPU™ allows data center infrastructure to break free from the limitations of HCI, enabling high performance and reliable disaggregated storage at all scales.

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Fungible DPU: A New Category of Microprocessor

The Data Processing Unit (DPU) has gained recognition as the coveted third socket in data center servers. Find out more about what drives the need for this new class of microprocessors and the key innovations in the Fungible DPU that enables it to tackle the biggest data-centric computing challenges in scale-out data center infrastructure.

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NVMe/TCP enables vSphere customers to accelerate their storage performance while leveraging existing investments and lowering complexity. Through collaboration with innovative companies such as Fungible, VMware continues to build a world-class ecosystem of technology partners that offer our customers flexibility and choice to meet their business requirements.”

— Marc Fleischmann, Cloud CTO, VMware

NVMe/TCP is rapidly gaining adoption and is a key driver in storage innovation today, it excels in highly demanding and compute-intensive enterprise, cloud and edge data center environments. Companies, such as Fungible, are leveraging NVMe/TCP to deliver the highest throughput, fastest response times and unrivaled economics for all types of workloads.

— Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC

Intelligent infrastructure with integrated machine learning is changing what is possible for IT teams and the businesses they support. To maximize intelligent infrastructure's potential to accelerate digital initiatives, however, it must be programmable. Composable infrastructure represents a foundational technology that has the potential to deliver the programmable, autonomous IT infrastructure future that businesses need.

— Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG

AsiaPac, a subsidiary of M1 Limited, prides ourselves in staying at the forefront of delivering innovative next-generation infrastructure that is adaptable to today’s fast-paced environment. We are very impressed with the holistic approach that Fungible has taken to deliver on so many important vectors. Gaining access to this type of technology enables us to reimagine our value-add to customers.

— Andrew Cheng, Managing Director, AsiaPac

We’ve identified the bottlenecks within our existing distributed infrastructure architectures. To achieve our desired system efficiency targets we are looking to new hardware approaches that better support our infrastructure processing stacks. The co-design of software and hardware to support data services and data analysis is integral to meeting our efficiency targets and advancing our national security mission.

— Brad Settlemyer, Sr. Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab, HPC Design Group

As a global leader delivering high performance, high-efficiency server technology, we are excited to collaborate with Fungible to bring to market the Fungible Data Center -- a multi-tenant, on-demand, secure data center solution.

— Eric Sindelar, General Manager, Operations and Advanced Technology Development, Supermicro

We are excited to be working with Fungible to deliver the Fungible Data Center solution. The combination of Juniper and Fungible technology enables consistent quality of service and the high performance required of today’s cloud data centers without creating more workflows and layers of technology to manage. Organizations can now have a super easy operational experience currently relegated to the world of hyperscalers.

— Raj Yavatkar, CTO at Juniper Networks

IBM Spectrum Scale is the industry-leading file system for data management at scale, supporting the most stringent requirements of high-performance computing and data-intensive workloads. These workloads demand high performance, scalable, secure storage. The Fungible Storage Cluster is a compelling storage solution for use with IBM Spectrum Scale, especially for workloads with small random I/Os. We welcome Fungible to the Scale family of high performance storage.

— Wayne A. Sawdon, Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Architect Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage System (ESS) IBM Systems Group

With the continuous advancements in NVMe SSD media and protocols, the time is ripe to capitalize on the benefits of disaggregated storage, The Fungible Storage Cluster comes at an opportune time to serve an industry clamoring not just to maximize performance, but to turn performance density into much better footprint and cost efficiencies.

— Ashok Ganesan, Chief Product Office at Stackpath

We are excited about the expansion of the Spectrum Scale ecosystem with Fungible and the joint validation we have completed.

— Bina Hallman, Vice President of Strategy at IBM Storage

At Tech Data, our goal is to bring compelling technology solutions and value to end customers through our massive network of channel partners, the Fungible Storage Cluster represents the type of high-value technology that will energize the channel, supporting end-customers with extremely stringent performance and efficiency requirements.

— Sergio Farache, Executive VP of Strategy, Innovation, Cloud and M & A at Tech Data

Today’s technology leaders are continuously challenged to drive efficiencies, optimize for lean deployments, maximize hardware investments, yet be adequately agile to keep up with the dynamic rate of change of modern workloads, Fungible has addressed this market in a very innovative way with their disaggregated technology. The high-performance Fungible Storage Cluster enables next-gen workloads to solve today’s demands solidifying the path for what is coming next.

— Jay Chappell, Senior Director of Platform Architecture at Trace3

Powered by the innovative new Fungible Data Processing Unit, Fungible’s new Storage Cluster delivers eye-popping throughput of hundreds of millions of IOPS with a composable, software-defined architecture that enables on-the-fly adaptability to meet the dynamically changing requirements of the new digital era.

— Eric Burgener, research VP, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC

The Fungible DPU™, which is optimized for data-centric compute, enables line rate storage and security data services, unleashing the full capabilities and blazing fast performance of NVMe SSDs over the network.

— Young Sohn, President and CSO for Samsung Electronics and Chairman, HARMAN