Fungible Data Centers – a deep dive discussion

The networking industry has been on an evolutionary path from monolithic systems toward open, disaggregated and virtualized infrastructure. Here, we feature a deep dive discussion on the Fungible Data Center architecture with Srinidhi Varadarajan, SVP Solutions at Fungible, and Pardha Pyla, VP Product Solutions & Design at Fungible.

What is the Fungible Data Center?

We’re talking about hyperconvergence, disaggregation, composable architecture, GPUs. We’re talking about The Next Generation Data Center all wrapped into one thing. Fungible addresses that we are reaching the cracks in the performance of IO.


The Coolest Data Center Companies In 2021: The Data Center 50

Fungible seeks to revolutionize the performance, economics and security of scale-out data centers by enabling the disaggregation of compute and storage resources. The company recently launched Fungible Storage Cluster, dubbing it the world’s fastest all-flash NVMe disaggregated storage platform.

Computational Storage & DPU : Le monde de demain ?

C’est une technologie encore méconnue, un monde foisonnant et complexe, mais qui sera surement le moteur de nos futures architectures ! Cette semaine nous vous proposons de découvrir le Computational Storage et les DPU (Data Processing Unit)…

Processor Makers Embrace the Network Computer

The DPU is not an entirely novel concept: the architecture evolved from the Smart Network Interface Controller (SmartNIC) that began to appear in servers several years ago. Rather than attempting to load all the functions needed for a cloud application into individual server blades, the emphasis in computer design for data centres is on scaling out.

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2021 Best Tech Startups in Santa Clara

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Santa Clara, California. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to: revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction, and competitive landscape. Additionally, all companies must be independent (unacquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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Scale-Out Data Centers: The Best is Yet to Come

Modern data centers are upending the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) is gaining traction but is not realizing its full potential due to bottlenecks in the critical path to and from the network. Fungible democratizes CDI through the invention of the Fungible DPU, realizing the holy grail of Fungible Data Centers.

Fungible Unveils “World’s Fastest” NVMe Disaggregated Storage Platform

Powered by the Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU), the Storage Cluster is a high performance, secure, scale-out, disaggregated data storage platform, delivering 15 million IO/s in a 2RU form factor, scaling linearly to 300 million IO/s in a single 40RU rack, and extending further to many racks.

Chip Startup Fungible Pitches AWS-Like Storage Hardware

Fungible, the chip startup that says its aim is to put smaller cloud providers on a more equal hardware footing with the likes of Amazon Web Services, has launched its first storage system for data centers, powered by its processors.

Fungible Champions Software-Defined Storage Breakthrough

Fungible aims to make high-performance disaggregated storage attainable for data centers of any size with the launch of the Fungible Storage Cluster, the first in a series of data-centric platforms planned by the company.

Fungible ships its disaggregated NVMe storage platform powered by DPUs

The new Fungible Storage Cluster delivers 15M IOPS in a 2RU form factor, scaling linearly to 300M IOPS in a single 40RU rack, and extending further to many racks. The company says its high-performance design improves $/IOPS by at least 3x compared to existing software-defined storage solutions by consolidating workloads and increasing utilization of storage media.

Scaling-out Data Centers with the Fungible Data Processing Unit

In this video, Pradeep Sindhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Fungible, shares observations about scale-out data centers and the key innovations of Fungible’s Data Processing Unit (Fungible DPU™) which has been positioned as the “third socket” in data centers, complementing the CPU and GPU.

Fungible F1 DPU for Distributed Compute

The idea of a data-centric era is a message many companies are using these days. For example, the Intel Data-Centric Innovation Summit happened on August 8, 2018 (8 is a lucky number in Chinese influenced cultures.) Pradeep’s view is of servers that are hyper-disaggregated. The view is that there are x86 compute servers, GPU servers, SSD servers, and HDD servers. In any event, these fundamental scale-out server types are designed for a common purpose: to make their most valuable resource available on the network. As that is the goal, the Fungible DPU can serve as the common endpoint.

Juniper, Samsung, Alibaba Jump On Fungible DPU

Fungible today at Hot Chips 2020 announced a new class of microprocessor it calls the Fungible data processing unit (DPU), which won endorsements from Alibaba Cloud, Juniper Networks, and Samsung Electronics.

Fungible Inc: Our DPU composes much smaller data centre bills

Fungible, a California composable systems startup, claims its technology will save $67 out of every $100 of data centre total cost of ownership on network, compute and storage resources. The company this week launched its first product, a data processing unit (DPU) that functions as a super-smart network interface card. Its ambitions are sky-high, namely to front-end every system resource with its DPU microprocessors, offloading security and storage functions from server CPUs.

Chip startup debuts with Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU)

Well-funded startup Fungible is coming out of stealth with what it calls a data processing unit along with a software stack that will power storage appliances.

Fungible launched today with two versions of its data processing unit (DPU) microprocessors: one for storage systems and one for networking servers. The vendor also developed a TrueFabric network and storage software stack. Founder and CEO Pradeep Sindhu said Fungible will deliver complete storage systems built around its DPUs and TrueFabric by the end of 2020.

Introducing PEP: A New Storage Performance Metric

Current metrics used to compare the performance of storage systems are inadequate. The industry needs a new storage performance metric that is fair, broadly applicable and intuitive. In this article, Dr. Menon introduces the performance efficiency percentage (PEP). It overcomes current limitations and is applicable to both scale-up and scale-out.

New Scale-Out Storage for The Cloud World

A new type of storage system is emerging that’s being targeted at cloud data centers. They are being designed to scale out, support NVMe-oF protocols with remote storage as fast as local storage, provide high-performance networked erasure coding, and support volumes with flexible durability.

Data Centers Need To Become Data-Centric

Today’s CPUs are 30 times slower than I/O. The core problem is that servers are compute-centric while applications are becoming data-centric. Ready to liberate your data center with an architecture designed for data-centric workloads?