Fungible aims to slay the CPU bogeyman with composable microprocessor

Fungible aims to slay the CPU bogeyman with...

Fungible Inc, a US composable systems startup, wants to front-end every system resource with its DPU microprocessors, offloading security and storage functions from server CPUs.

New Scale-Out Storage for The Cloud World

A new type of storage system is emerging that's being targeted at cloud data centers. They are being designed to scale out, support NVMeoF protocols with remote storage as fast as local storage, provide high-performance networked erasure coding, and support volumes with flexible durability.

Data Centers Need To Become Data-Centric

Today’s CPUs are 30 times slower than I/O. The core problem is that servers are compute-centric while applications are becoming data-centric. Ready to liberate your data center with an architecture designed for data-centric workloads?