Announcing Fungible GPU-Connect – Connect Any GPU To Any Server Over Ethernet

Unleash All the Potential of Your GPU Accelerators

SANTA CLARA, California – APRIL 5, 2022 – Fungible Inc., the composable infrastructure company, today announced a new product offering, Fungible GPU-Connect™ (FGC™), an innovative solution engineered to revolutionize how data processing power is accessed in enterprise and service provider infrastructures.

Fungible GPU-Connect solves the challenges caused by the growing demand for AI/ML, especially in Edge Data Centers with stranded and under-utilized GPUs. FGC leverages the Fungible DPU™ to dynamically compose GPU and CPU resources across an Ethernet network. This provides significant economic benefits and agility to organizations that provision, allocate, and manage expensive GPU resources. For the first time, organizations can create a GPU-powered infrastructure free from the physical limitations of PCIe.

FGC allows data centers to centralize their existing GPU assets into a single resource pool to be attached to servers on demand. Instead of dedicated GPUs sitting idle most of the time, data centers can provide new users with access to the GPU pool, making greater use of existing assets. This disaggregated solution also removes the constraints of having GPUs and CPUs physically co-located. They can be located anywhere within the same data center, eliminating the stranding of expensive GPU resources.

The Fungible DPU creates a secure, virtual PCIe connection between the GPU and the server that is transparent to the server and to applications – no special software or drivers are needed. This connection is managed in hardware by the DPU, ensuring a high-performance and low latency connection. This transparency means FGC can be easily retrofitted into existing environments, and can scale with growing demand, ensuring GPUs are always available when they are needed.

“Fungible GPU-Connect empowers service providers to combine all their GPUs into one central resource pool serving all their clients. Service providers can now onboard new data-analysis intensive clients quickly without adding expensive servers and GPUs,“ explains Toby Owen, VP of Product at Fungible. “By leveraging FGC, data centers can benefit from the collective computing power of all their GPUs and substantially lower their TCO with the reduction of GPU resources, cooling and physical footprint needed.”

With FGC, service providers can differentiate themselves and create net-new revenue opportunities by offering their customers more flexible plans and the specialized performance of GPU servers that are in high demand.

“GPUs are needed for service providers who are increasingly getting into AI/ML processing. Composable infrastructure supports the agility they need to successfully monetize these expensive resources,” said Eric Burgener, Vice President of Research, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. “Products like Fungible GPU-Connect enable service providers to cost-effectively make GPUs available to their customers, rapidly provisioning requested resources to meet customer requirements on-demand while easily sharing these expensive resources across multiple customers to drive a higher return on investment.”

To learn more about the new Fungible GPU-Connect and how you can get more value and performance from your GPU resources, check out the product brief, view a demo, or read the blog.

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Silicon Valley-based Fungible, the world’s premier composable infrastructure company, creates solutions to cloudify the world’s data centers by utilizing the Fungible DPU™ to connect CPUs, GPUs, and storage via standard IP/Ethernet networks. Fungible aims to revolutionize the performance, economics, reliability and security of scale-out data centers. Visit Fungible to learn more. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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