Fungible Acquires Talent from Cloudistics

Fungible Acquires Talent from Cloudistics to Accelerate Composability of Fungible DPU-Powered HyperDisaggregated Infrastructure

SAN JOSE, California – September 24, 2020 – Fungible Inc., a pioneer in data-centric computing, announced today that it has acquired the assets of Cloudistics, a cloud software platform company, to accelerate the development of composable hyperdisaggregated data center infrastructure.

The Cloudistics team, led by CTO Srinidhi Varadarajan, has a proven track record of making new cloud technologies easily consumable by service providers and enterprises. Specifically, the team has core competencies in the software needed to compose disaggregated data center resources.

“We are doubling down on our vision of revolutionizing data center infrastructure at all scales,” said Pradeep Sindhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fungible. “We see progress towards this grand vision in two parts: The first, which we’ve already achieved, is to develop a new class of microprocessors called the Fungible DPU that promises to provide significant improvements in infrastructure performance, economics, security and reliability. The second, equally important part, is to build software that dynamically composes disaggregated DPU-powered servers into one or more computational clusters, each designed to run a specific workload. With these two parts working together synergistically we are taking a leap forward toward the holy grail of providing high performance and high agility in data centers–a goal that has remained elusive until now. We call a data center powered by the Fungible DPU and the Fungible Composer a Fungible Data Center.

“There is no doubt today that the information technology industry needs a holistic end-to-end solution that can disaggregate and compose infrastructure resources at cloud scale,” said Ashish Nadkarni, Group VP of Worldwide Infrastructure at IDC.

Last month Fungible launched the Fungible Data Processing Unit™ (Fungible DPU™), a new class of microprocessors that will power next-generation, high-performance, cost-efficient, reliable, and secure scale-out data centers. The Fungible DPU is available at two performance points for hyperdisaggregated deployments. The F1 DPU is an 800Gbps processor is designed for high-performance storage, analytics and security platforms, while the S1 DPU is a 200Gbps processor optimized for host-side use cases including bare metal virtualization, storage initiator, NFVi/VNF applications and distributed node security.

Fungible also announced a suite of software that enables the Fungible DPU and the products it powers to be used “out of the box”. The software included a set of centralized cluster services that provides management, control and visibility of a large number of Fungible DPU-enabled products.

“The proliferation of different server types in the modern data center has resulted in marooned resources and complicated efforts to maintain infrastructure as code. The Fungible DPU enables data centers to be built from a small number of server types, greatly simplifying composability and enabling resources to move where demands are,” said Srinidhi Varadarajan, CTO of Cloudistics. “The acquisition combines the strengths of two companies with very complementary core competencies. We are excited to join the Fungible team and deliver on an integral part of Fungible’s holistic offering that will make the adoption and deployment of Fungible DPUs in hyperdisaggregated infrastructure a frictionless one.”

Dr. Varadarajan joins the Fungible executive team as SVP of Solutions.

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