Fungible Unveils World’s Fastest NVMe Disaggregated Storage Platform

The Fungible Storage Cluster Is the Company’s First Line of Data-Centric Platforms and Represents an Important Step in Enabling Fungible Data Centers

Powered by the Fungible Data Processing Unit, the Fungible Storage Cluster Delivers an Unprecedented 300M IOPS in a Data Center Rack, Scalable to Many Racks

SAN JOSE, California – October 27, 2020 – Fungible Inc., a pioneer in data-centric computing, today unveiled its first line of data-centric platforms, the Fungible Storage Cluster.

Powered by the Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU), the Fungible Storage Cluster is a high performance, secure, scale-out, disaggregated data storage platform, delivering an unprecedented 15M IOPS in a 2RU form factor, scaling linearly to 300M IOPS in a single 40RU rack, and extending further to many racks. The industry-leading performance enables workloads to be consolidated, increasing utilization of storage media, and improving footprint and $/IOPS by at least 3x compared to existing software-defined storage solutions.

“Today, we demonstrate how the breakthrough value of the Fungible DPU is realized in a storage product,” said Pradeep Sindhu, CEO and Co-Founder of Fungible. “The Fungible Storage Cluster is not only the fastest storage platform in the market today, it is also the most cost-effective, reliable, secure and easy to use. This is truly a significant milestone on our journey to realize the vision of Fungible Data Centers — where compute and storage resources are hyperdisaggregated and then composed on-demand to dynamically serve application requirements.”

“As enterprises move towards more data-driven business models, they will look to modernized IT infrastructure to deliver performance at scale for analytics workloads and the agility to rapidly adapt to evolving market conditions,” said Eric Burgener, research VP, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. “Powered by the innovative new Fungible Data Processing Unit, Fungible’s new Storage Cluster delivers eye-popping throughput of hundreds of millions of IOPS with a composable, software-defined architecture that enables on-the-fly adaptability to meet the dynamically changing requirements of the new digital era.”

“Innovations in data center infrastructure have occurred largely within the silos of compute, storage and networking,” said Raj Yavatkar, CTO at Juniper Networks. “Fungible has broken down these silos delivering end-to-end value with Fungible DPU enabled servers interconnected by TrueFabric, a truly ground-breaking networking technology, and software composable for on-demand provisioning. This approach will serve as a blueprint for future data centers from core to edge.”

“We have been able to establish compelling value and broad applicability of the Fungible Storage Cluster in use cases such as distributed file systems, high-performance scale-out databases, IaaS deployments and many other areas,” added Sindhu. “We look forward to seeing the industry leverage its step-function advancements in capabilities to accelerate innovations in ultra-intelligent applications of the future.”

The Fungible Storage Cluster has been validated with IBM Spectrum Scale, delivering more than 80M read IOPS/PB. “We are excited about the expansion of the Spectrum Scale ecosystem with Fungible and the joint validation we have completed,” said Bina Hallman, Vice President of Strategy at IBM Storage.

“With the continuous advancements in NVMe SSD media and protocols, the time is ripe to capitalize on the benefits of disaggregated storage,” said Ashok Ganesan, Chief Product Office at Stackpath. “The Fungible Storage Cluster comes at an opportune time to serve an industry clamoring not just to maximize performance, but to turn performance density into much better footprint and cost efficiencies.”

The Fungible Storage Cluster comprises a cluster of Fungible FS1600 storage target nodes connected over a standards-based IP network and the Fungible Composer software. The FS1600s implement the data path for storage while the Fungible Composer performs control and management functions. This clean separation of functions results in higher performance, better scalability and better reliability.

Each FS1600 storage target node is powered by two Fungible F1 DPUs and packs 24 standard NVMe SSDs delivering an aggregate of 15M IOPS in a 2RU form factor. This represents more than 5x performance improvement over traditional x86-based storage controller solutions. The FS1600 also enables storage data services, such as data durability, data reduction, data security concurrently, in-line and at-line rate. While the FS1600 natively supports NVMe-over-TCP, it also supports NVMe-over-TrueFabric. The use of TrueFabric between the FS1600 storage target and host-side Fungible DPU offers additional benefits: specifically, built-in security, improved end-to-end performance and linear scalability to thousands of nodes.

The Fungible Composer is a centralized software solution developed to configure, manage, orchestrate, control and deploy a cluster of disaggregated FS1600 storage nodes. It comprises five services; a storage service, a network management service, a telemetry service, a node management service responsible for log collection, and an API gateway that provides external access to the services provided by the Fungible Composer.

“At Tech Data, our goal is to bring compelling technology solutions and value to end customers through our massive network of channel partners,” said Sergio Farache, Executive VP of Strategy, Innovation, Cloud and M & A at Tech Data. “The Fungible Storage Cluster represents the type of high-value technology that will energize the channel, supporting end-customers with extremely stringent performance and efficiency requirements.”

“Today’s technology leaders are continuously challenged to drive efficiencies, optimize for lean deployments, maximize hardware investments, yet be adequately agile to keep up with the dynamic rate of change of modern workloads,” said Jay Chappell, Senior Director of Platform Architecture at Trace3. “Fungible has addressed this market in a very innovative way with their disaggregated technology. The high-performance Fungible Storage Cluster enables next-gen workloads to solve today’s demands solidifying the path for what is coming next.”

Fungible Storage Cluster Availability

The Fungible Storage Cluster is available immediately. Customers and partners may contact [email protected] or [email protected], respectively.

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