Fungible Wins Best of Show Award at Flash Memory Summit 2020

Fungible Recognized for Innovation and Outstanding Leadership in Data-Centric Storage Solutions for Hyperscale Data Centers and is Forging Ahead to Bring Similar Benefits to Data Centers of All Scales

SAN JOSE, California – November 11, 2020 – Fungible Inc., a pioneer in data-centric computing, today announced being awarded the Best of Show Award in the Most Innovative Hyperscaler Implementation category at Flash Memory Summit.

Flash Memory Summit—the world’s largest and most prestigious storage industry conference recognized Fungible for its impressive leadership and innovation in data-centric technology solutions.

“Hyperscalers have articulated their data center requirements with a need to address extreme levels of performance, bullet-proof reliability and compelling economics at all points of scale,” said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. “We are proud to recognize the Fungible Storage Cluster powered by Fungible DPUs, a new class of microprocessors optimized for data interchange and data-centric computations. The Fungible Storage Cluster delivers game-changing throughput and its industry-leading performance enables workloads to be consolidated, increasing utilization of storage media and improving footprint.”

Fungible released the Fungible Storage Cluster last month, the company’s first line of data-centric platforms. Powered by the Fungible Data Processing Unit, the Fungible Storage Cluster is the world’s fastest, secure, scale-out, disaggregated data storage platform that comprises a cluster of FS1600 storage nodes and the Fungible Composer software. Each FS1600 delivers an unprecedented 15M IOPS in a 2RU form factor and a cluster of FS1600s scales linearly to provide 300M IOPS in a single 40RU rack, extending to many racks. The Fungible Composer, a centralized software solution developed to configure, manage, orchestrate, control and deploy a cluster of disaggregated Fungible storage nodes.

“We’re honored to receive this prestigious award from Flash Memory Summit, highlighting our innovation and the breakthrough value of the Fungible Storage Cluster,” said Eleena Ong, Vice President of Marketing at Fungible. “The hyperscalers are notoriously known to push the boundaries on data center technology with stringent requirements on performance, security, and reliability, while expecting infrastructure agility and cost efficiencies. We set out to address the most complex challenges at massive scale, and in doing so, created a solution that is broadly applicable to infrastructure at any scale, from core to edge and from cloud providers to enterprises of all sizes. The Fungible Storage Cluster can be deployed in a minimum configuration of two FS1600s all the way up to hyperscale configurations.”

The Flash Memory Summit’s annual Best of Show awards are a premier opportunity for the industry to recognize innovative products and solutions that are being used in the marketplace. A record number of award submissions were received this year, making the judging challenging and each of the categories extremely competitive.

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