Fungible Portfolio of Products

Composable Data-Centric Platforms Powered by the Fungible DPU™

Goodbye Legacy Storage, Hello Fungible Storage

The Fungible Storage Cluster, powered by the Fungible DPU™, is the world's first composable storage solution combining the benefits of public cloud's agility and scalability with the efficiency, security, and performance of on-premises storage services.

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Fungible Accelerator Cards

FAC with Storage Initiator enables standard servers to use NVMe over TCP storage. Create a Direct Attached Storage experience with the benefits of centralized storage resource pools. Reduce CPU core consumption by processing data-centric storage services directly on the FAC. No more trade-offs. FAC with Storage Initiator delivers efficiency, performance, and usability at a compelling TCO.

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Fungible GPU-Connect

Combine all the GPUs in your data center into a central pool. Meet the computational needs of your users on demand. Direct excess capacity to new users, on-boarding in seconds. Harness the combined power of your GPU pool for more computing potential than ever possible.

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The Fungible Data Processing Unit

Enabling hyperdisaggregation of compute and storage resources across data center scales

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