The Fungible Data Processing Unit

Enabling Hyperdisaggregation of Compute and Storage Resources
Across Data Center Scales

Product Features


Blazing fast datapath computations supporting modern and cloud-native workloads


Ground-breaking data interchange performance realized at massive scale with no performance cliff


Programmable datapath that meets the most stringent requirements today and tomorrow

Fungible F1 Data Processing Unit

Best-In-Class Performance, Fully Flexible Processor for Data-Centric Computing

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Industry's highest performance 800Gbps DPU - its unique hardware and software co-design delivers maximum feature flexibility without compromising performance efficiencies for data-centric computing.


Designed for the most demanding applications, the F1 DPU's performance density is well-suited to power storage servers, security appliances, AI and analytics servers. The F1 DPU fully displaces x86 CPUs in these solutions.

Key Benefits

The F1 DPU enables increased efficiencies and utilization across compute, network and storage - delivering 3X TCO savings across data center scales while improving reliability, security and agility of infrastructure management.

Fungible S1 Data Processing Unit

Power and Form-Factor Optimized, Fully Flexible Processor for Data-Centric Computing

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Industry's most flexible 200Gbps DPU - its broad capabilities enable various functions to be consolidated into a single platform unifying network, security and storage services in an all-in-one solution!


Optimized to fit into a standard PCIe adapter, the S1 DPU offloads general purpose CPUs for use cases including bare metal virtualization, SDN/NFV, storage initiator and local storage and node security.

Key Benefits

The S1 DPU delivers bare metal performance for virtualized environments, a high QoS data center fabric for massively scaled out network and a no-compromise end-to-end security solution.

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