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Hyperscale Gains Without the Pains

The Fungible Data Center or FDC is transforming data centers from rigid, complex, and expensive silos to simple, agile, and dynamic powerhouses.

The FDC enables end users to create bare metal data centers™ (BMDC™) on-demand to address changing application needs with cloud-like agility at any scale. Infrastructure can now operate at peak utilization and efficiency by pooling and deploying resources on-demand. Break free from vendor lock-ins and manage your data center on your own terms.

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How FDC Works

Compose and Hyperdisaggregate Your Infrastructure On-Demand

The Fungible Data Center is a comprehensive, turnkey solution offering bare metal performance at the cost efficiencies and simplicity of hyperscale data centers. It enables end users to create bare metal data centers on-demand to address changing application needs. DPU-enabled TrueFabric™ can also enable the infrastructure. The infrastructure can now operate at peak utilization and efficiency by pooling and deploying resources on demand. This eliminates overprovisioning and offers flexibility for unknown future workloads. Hardware investments that once lasted for only three to five years can now serve for the next decade.

Hyperdisaggregate your infrastructure into fluid pools of storage, compute (CPU, GPU) and network enabled by the Fungible DPU.

Compose or recompose bare-metal servers with required compute, storage, and network on the fly. Thereby creating a dynamically composable data center™.

Deploy your favorite application using templates from the marketplace.

Consolidate and host all your data center applications on the same platform.


Simplified Management

Management of multi-tenant, secure data centers via a single pane of glass management

On-Demand Deployment

Deployment and redeployment of resources to handle workload changes and hot spots in minutes

Bare Metal Performance

High performance for modern apps enabled by fully offloading I/O processing to the Fungible DPU

Extreme Scalability

Scales from half a rack to hundreds of racks to handle the most complex data center deployments

Unrivaled Efficiency

Just-in-time composition of resources per workload requirements optimizes utilization

No-Compromise Security

Independent hardware-accelerated domains, fine-grained segmentation, robust QoS, and encryption


Next Gen Data Centers: Converge! Network Digest Interview

The masterminds behind the innovative Fungible Data Center (FDC) sat with Converge! Network Digest to discuss how the FDC levels the playing field for next wave service providers, enterprises and government, by providing hyperscale-like infrastructure of any scale to the masses.

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