Goodbye Legacy Storage, Hello Fungible Storage

Introducing the Fungible Storage Cluster (FSC), the World’s Fastest, Secure, Scale-Out and All-Flash NVMe over TCP Disaggregated Storage Platform

FSC Product Brief



Fungible Storage Cluster includes FS1600 storage nodes orchestrated by Fungible’s Composer software.

Now, you can include the Storage Initiator accelerator card. Built on the Fungible DPU, this card enables NVMe/TCP offload at the host and direct DPU to DPU communication with your Fungible Storage Cluster.

FSC 4.0 introduces EC 2+1 volume durability. Leverage the efficiency of erasure coding combined with ground breaking performance all starting on only 3 storage nodes.

FS1600 Product Brief Composer Product Brief


Unrivaled Efficiency

Chips, storage, and software co-developed and purpose-built to maximize your TCO

Best-In-Class Performance

105M IOPS and 420 GB/s throughput provided by 7 FS1600 storage nodes

Fastest In-Line Data Services

Data reduction, data durability, and data security at full line rate

Elastic Scale-Out Storage

Shared and pooled capacity for business flexibility, high utilization, and efficiency

Super-Linear Scalability

Extends to thousands of storage target nodes

No-Compromise Security

Immutable root of trust, line rate end-to-end encryption, and fine-grained QoS

Robust software stack

Optimized for maximum performance and flexibility

Standards Compliant

Effortless deployment in existing data centers

State-of-the-Art FS1600 Storage Node

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The Case for Disaggregated Storage

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