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Organizations today are rapidly mobilizing to make data and analytics a central part of their business strategy. In spite of the effort and investment, many organizations continue to be inundated with the insurmountable volumes of data that need to be rapidly processed to derive meaningful, faster and even real-time insights.

Undoubtedly, there has been considerable software innovations in the data analytics space. However, even state-of-the-art applications depend on the underlying computing infrastructure for providing optimal analytics processing, while boosting power and cost efficiencies. A typical data analytics workflow  involves collecting, storing, and protecting data from multiple sources, then channeling the data to different analytics platforms for processing. Due to infrastructure limitations, enterprises have been compelled to limit the data being analyzed or to accept prolonged wait times before data could be made available for analysis. However, the urgent  need is for advanced infrastructure that can easily handle the large volumes of data requiring ingestion and processing.

Fungible’s innovative infrastructure solutions are specifically designed to handle modern data-centric workloads such as analytics, delivering not just the performance needed for handling the data deluge, but also the flexibility required  to address the demands of highly dynamic workloads. Further, your data is always secure (at rest and in motion) and is highly  available. With Fungible, you get a unified platform that can consolidate your data ingestion, storage and processing needs – finally putting you ahead of the curve in this new frontier.

Key Benefits


Speed up ingestion and analytics operations with high-performance infrastructure for real-time insights


Meet unpredictability head on with flexible, easy-to-scale infrastructure that is also composed on demand in minutes


Achieve superior CapEx and OpEx by moving from siloed to consolidated infrastructure for the different analytics workflows


Single pane of glass for end-to-end infrastructure composition, workload provisioning, orchestration and management

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