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Edge computing is an umbrella term used to describe computing that takes place closer to where data is generated. Examples include IoT, cloud gaming, autonomous vehicles, content delivery, and virtualized (Radio Access Network) RAN for 5G networks. Processing and analyzing data at the edge reduces the round-trip time to move data to and from the core, enabling low latency applications, real-time responsiveness, and reducing the cost of moving data. To enable this exciting new frontier, edge providers require infrastructure that is high performance, supports low latencies, and has power and footprint efficiencies. In addition, with thousands of devices at the edge, highly effective operational security is required to meet the challenge of an expanded attack surface.

Fungible solutions are an excellent fit for edge computing for two key reasons. First, the solutions leverage the groundbreaking performance/power efficiencies offered by the foundational Fungible DPU technology, enabling the build-out of edge infrastructure to have the highest performance density and power efficiencies. Second, the TrueFabric networking technology supported in the Fungible DPU enables a scalable ultra-low latency network fabric that can deliver the low and predictable latency profiles required for large-scale edge networks. Further, Fungible offers a secure, multi-tenant edge solution that can be managed using simple, easy-to-use management software that supports on-demand infrastructure composition, one-click workload deployment, reliable asset management, and orchestration capability with built-in integration with industry-standard frameworks.

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Key Benefits


Execute edge-centric workloads efficiently leveraging Fungible DPU - delivering dramatically lower average and tail latencies to support real-time insights


Implement multi-tenancy with hardware-based partitioning and control at the edge to protect against large attack surface areas and escalating threats


Attain maximum utilization of edge resources under dynamic workload conditions and reduced power and footprint using disaggregation and pooling


Manage multi-tenant edge deployments with a single pane of glass management for composition, one-click provisioning, and lifecycle management

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