Video Processing

Transform Your Video Processing And Analytics Capability, From Central To Edge, With Fungible Infrastructure

The video processing and analytics industry is seeing a surge in applicability across many use cases and end markets – enabled by the adoption of deep learning techniques and AI to transform video data into actionable intelligence. 

Video analysis is traditionally run on central servers where video data is collected, then processed and analyzed “offline”. In  recent years, edge processing of video data has become very fashionable, propelled by the promise of delivering real-time responses and insights, and complementing central processing. Both central and edge processing have a common requirement on the underlying infrastructure – that is the need for high performance, highly efficient and secure infrastructure to manage the large volume of video data. Central servers may emphasize on brute performance and scalability, while edge servers may emphasize on low latencies and footprint optimized solutions. 

With Fungible, organizations can deploy a common infrastructure that is highly suited for video processing and analytics, both central to edge. Powered by the Fungible DPU, the Fungible infrastructure is not only an insanely high-performance solution, it is also able to scale performance linearly to large deployments to handle the massive amount of data typical of central processing. At the edge, the high performance is translated into density, footprint and power benefits, and the ultra low characteristics enable real-time responses. 

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Key Benefits


Get ahead of managing the unpredictability of data volume with flexible, easy-to-scale infrastructure that is also composed on-demand in minutes


Speed up data ingestion, processing and analytics leveraging high performance infrastructure powered by the Fungible DPU for real-time insights


Focus on your applications and let the Fungible Composer software handle end-to-end infrastructure inventory, provisioning, and lifecycle management


Store, process and analyze video data efficiently at the source with high-performance, high density, low footprint, and low power Fungible solutions

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