Hyperdisaggregate Next-Gen Cloud Storage with the Fungible Storage Cluster

Achieve Higher Infrastructure Agility, Security and Lower TCO with DAS-like Performance and Latency

It’s a Lean, Mean, Hyperdisaggregated Machine

The Fungible Storage Cluster unlocks the true value of storage
hyperdisaggregation for IT leaders managing data centers in CSPs and
enterprises. The FSC not only provides a high performance, low latency disaggregated scale-out storage that meets the needs for modern applications, it also solves operational dilemmas for IT leaders by enabling on-demand provisioning of storage, higher media utilization, higher security and varying levels of durability. CSPs will no longer need to delay revenue or over provision resources in anticipation of future customer requirements while Enterprises can count on lean and streamlined provisioning. Modern applications have moved beyond traditional infrastructures, now you can move your business to the next level with the Fungible Storage Cluster!

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Achieve 4x the performance per volume compared to leading hyperscalers and 30x the performance compared CEPH


Supports full separation between storage control plane and data plane to enable super-linear scalability

Lower TCO

5x media savings compared to hyperconverged infrastructure with data reduction, erasure coding and pooling


Secure multi-tenant architecture with per customer/volume crypto key at rest and in motion

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