Smash Through Data Processing Bottlenecks with Fungible

Blazing Performance with a Secure Scale-Out Storage Platform for the Most Demanding HPC and AI/ML Applications

Deploy the Dynamic Duo to Cure Data Starved Applications

The combination of the ultra-high performance Fungible Storage Cluster Platform with a highly scalable parallel file system creates the market fastest distributed file system solution while eliminating storage bottleneck and achieving unprecedented IOPS/PB for AI/ML, HPC, and other IO intensive workloads. Faster time to insights creates greater business value – higher return on investment and lower total cost of ownership



Industry leading hyperdisaggregated scale-out storage with over 87M IOPs/PB

Lower TCO

Reduce client CPU cores and storage media needed by offloading compression and erasure coding


Replication and erasure coding protects against drive, processor, system, and rack failures


Secure multi-tenant architecture with per customer/volume crypto key at rest and in motion


IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM’s Spectrum Scale (a.k.a GPFS) is a well-known highly scalable and highly performant parallel file system used in the most demanding HPC and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) applications. The Fungible Storage Cluster, powered by the Fungible Data Processing Unit (DPU), is the highest performance All-Flash storage platform in the market. The combination of the two eliminates the data bottleneck that feeds the compute cluster, delivering a much shorter time to results and at a lower cost.

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