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Fungible Storage Cluster

Hyperscale eRetailer

Hyperscale eRetailer Uses Fungible Storage Cluster® to Reduce Costs & Improve Customer Performance

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Fungible Storage Cluster

Fungible Storage Cluster Intro Video

Introducing the Fungible Storage Cluster (FSC), the World’s Fastest, Secure, Scale-Out and All-Flash NVMe over TCP Disaggregated Storage Platform

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Fungible Corporate

Empower Your Infrastructure-As-A-Service Platform

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a consumption-based model for virtualized compute, storage, and networking capabilities that enables the elastic scale of cloud workloads. Traditionally, IaaS infrastructures were built by hyperscale cloud providers, but today this landscape is rapidly evolving. aaS can exist at the edge, whether as an adjunct to typical hyperscale IaaS or as a standalone set of services.

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Fungible Data Center

Fungible Data Center Launch Video

Data center Infrastructure is evolving, and the data center of the future will be on demand. Fungible is leading and realizing this paradigm shift, by transforming data centers to simple, agile, and on-demand powerhouses.

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Fungible Storage Cluster

Fungible Storage Cluster launch video

Introducing the Fungible Storage Cluster – the world’s fastest secure, scale-out and All-Flash NVMe over TCP disaggregated storage platform. The Fungible Storage Cluster delivers best-in-class performance characteristics for IOPS, latency, and throughput, in the smallest footprint and lowest power envelope.

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Fungible DPU

Fungible DPU launch video

The Fungible DPU™ is recognized as the third socket in data centers alongside the CPU and GPU. It efficiently executes data-centric computations inside server nodes and the interchange of data among nodes.

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Fungible DPU

What Do Next-Generation Data Centers Look Like?

Today’s data centers are tasked with processing colossal amounts of data every day. Are they equipped to keep up? In this video, Fungible founders Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet discuss how data centers have changed over the years and what next-generation data center architecture should look like.

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Fungible DPU

The Data Processing Unit

Moore’s Law has been weakening since the early 2000s, as it continues to break down, data centers will struggle more and more to keep up with the increasing data demands of the 21st century. We believe a new category of microprocessor is needed, we’re calling it the Data Processing Unit, or DPU.

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Fungible DPU

Data-Centric Software

At Fungible, we are bringing modern and advanced hardware and software architecture together. This video discusses the classical approach to software architecture, and what it means for software architecture to be data-centric.

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