Introducing PEP: A New Storage Performance Metric

Current metrics used to compare the performance of storage systems are inadequate. The industry needs a new storage performance metric that is fair, broadly applicable and intuitive. In this article, Dr. Menon introduces the performance efficiency percentage (PEP). It overcomes current limitations and is applicable to both scale-up and scale-out storage systems.

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Dr. Jai Menon
Dr. Jai Menon

Chief Scientist

Tuesdays with Fungible CTO: Part 1 – A New Class of Microprocessor – The Fungible Data Processing Unit

The Data Processing Unit (DPU) has gained significant attention and traction in recent months, having been identified as the coveted third socket in data centers alongside the CPU and GPU. As the innovators who coined the term in 2016, created its specifications and defined its value, it is gratifying to...

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Rajan Goyal
Rajan Goyal



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