The next generation of data centers will be on-demand.

June 14, 2019

Over the last five years data centers have changed dramatically. Top cloud companies are moving away from converged infrastructure (CI) toward hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Now we are on the cusp of another sea change in technology -- the transition from HCI to Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI).

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Rajan Goyal



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See what drives this emerging category of infrastructure and what it takes for CDI to become mainstream.

Founders’ Perspective:

Fungible founders, Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet discuss how modern approaches to hardware and software need to be data-centric.

Fungible’s Vision for the Data-Centric Era:

Fungible makes a case for a new category of workloads that will dominate workloads in modern data centers and introduces the technologies needed to efficiently execute these workloads.

DPU: A New Category of Programmable Processor

Watch how a Data Processing Unit can move, process and store data hyper-efficiently and how it can fit in any modern data center.