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The Pooling Resource: Spring/Summer Edition

Welcome to Fungible’s The Pooling Resource Spring/Summer edition.
We at Fungible take pride in delivering dynamic composability solutions needed to make your computing, networking and storage faster and more cost effective.

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Enable Next-Gen Security for Modern Data Centers

Defend your data center against malicious threats with a robust and layered security strategy. Protects the north-south and east-west traffic. The Fungible DPU™ enables a security paradigm that can address the most demanding requirements of next gen data centers.

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Next Generation Security for Modern Data Centers

Perimeter security is inadequate in modern data centers. Existing approaches suffer from insufficient security processing bandwidth, necessitating compromises to security solutions. The Fungible DPU™ offers a no-compromise security solution that provides protection for all traffic.

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Separating Data Plane and Control Plane

Separating data plane and control plane in engineering systems is not a new paradigm. However, this approach has become increasingly important. Watch this video to optimize software and hardware systems for simplicity, performance and resilience.

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Unlock Performance and Cost-Efficiencies of Storage

The growth of unstructured and structured data necessitates the need for storage solutions that can deliver extreme performance and efficiency. Learn how the DPU enables the transition from a tiered storage architecture to a simple and flat storage architecture.

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The Case for Disaggregated Storage

NVMe/TCP has enabled a new thinking around high-performance and large scale disaggregation. The Fungible DPU™ allows data center infrastructure to break free from the limitations of HCI, enabling high performance and reliable disaggregated storage at all scales.

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The Case for Disaggregated Storage

Modern workloads are exposing the inherent limitations of Direct-Attached Storage architecture. The shift to a disaggregated storage architecture brings many benefits. Find out more about the role the Data Processing Unit will play to enable this transition.

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Data-Centric Software Manifesto

There’s a smarter way to write software to match today’s data-centric need. Learn all about the modern microservices-based software approach that has the potential to help organizations rethink all their old assumptions.

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Founders’ Perspective

Fungible founders, Pradeep Sindhu and Bertrand Serlet discuss how modern approaches to hardware and software need to be data-centric.

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Fungible’s Vision for the Data-Centric Era

The Fungible DPU™ is a new class of microprocessor that will power data-centric infrastructure. A data-centric infrastructure is one in which compute and storage servers contain DPUs to perform data-centric computations and connect servers.

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Data-Centric Infrastructure

Explore and uncover the technologies and innovations that will propel future data centers.