The Future of High-Performance Data Centers is Now

Disaggregate your resources into pools, and compose whatever you need, when you need them… All with a single click!

Deploy Application Workloads of Any Complexity with a Single Click

Data centers must be able to host a wide variety of workloads. And modern workloads are fundamentally data centric with insatiable performance needs… forcing administrators to procure specific hardware configurations to match those needs. The result is often islands of marooned hardware silos with abysmal overall utilization.

Welcome to the world of Fungible data centers where you can finally focus on what is most important to your business: application workloads. Specify the needs of any application workload by describing its compute, storage, networking, and other requirements. And with a single click, compose high-performance servers, in real time, to match those needs. No more being constrained by hardware procurement decisions of the past. No more resource silos!

Welcome to the world of ultra-high performance with unprecedented agility.

See how it all works in our exciting preview of the Fungible Data Center Solution.